Back When Cool Was Not Just A Temperature ⋆

Back When Cool Was Not Just A Temperature


We collected several pictures here of our favs letting loose in settings that we wouldn’t normally associate them with, and sometimes with unusual pairings of celebrities that we don’t normally see.  Read on to see former celebrities from movie and music, the Rock and his pro wrestler dad, Freddie Mercury with his partner Jim, and many, many more.

After you see these, you’ll understand that celebrities are real people underneath the glitz and the glam. These photos are fun, touching, silly, and sometimes heartbreaking.

Mr. MJ Please Meet Mr. T

Mr. Laurence Tureaud had a life before the A-Team, and he is seen here with his client Michael Jackson.  One of Mr. T’s first professions was as a bodyguard for hire, and he worked for Michael during the early 1980’s.

Michael Jackson wasn’t Mr. T’s only big-name client, though.  He protected Diana Ross, Steve McQueen, and even Muhammad Ali (although it’s hard to imagine him needing protection!).  Mr. T’s career was lucrative; he would charge over $3k for a night’s work.

Mr. T always had his aggressively self-important air, even back then.  His business card read, “Next to God, there is no better protector that I.”  He compared his job at the time to being a kamikaze pilot. Mr. T was also a Chicago nightclub bouncer after he failed his tryout for the Green Bay Packers in the 70’s.

Sure, we see the carefully posed photographs of our favorite celebrities and, quite frankly, it’s almost “ho hum,” isn’t it?  What if you could see these celebrities in candid moments, with impromptu shots of them doing every day things?  What if you could see these people before they made it big and famous, sometimes while they were still “little people” like us?

Want to see more?  Let’s go!