The Upcoming Royal Wedding – Guestlist and more

It is only one month away! The royal wedding that the world has been waiting for where the charming Prince Harry will wed the equally charming Meghan Markle.

And while we will all be glued to our screens watching the proceedings come May 19, for now all we can do is speculate and guess what the day will bring. Get ready to find out everything we know including who will be attending this royal event which will bring some crazy surprises. Let’s start with the speculated guestlist

David and Victoria Beckham

Instagram/ Victoria Beckham

These two are a kind of royal couple themselves, dominating the world of celeb culture in England, so it makes sense that they would crack an invite to the royal event.

It is reported that Markle and Victoria have become fast friends since her move to the UK with Meghan often turning to fashionista Victoria Beckham for style advice.

Sophie Ellis Bextor

Instagram/ Sophie Ellis Bextor

English singer and songwriter Sophie Ellis-Bextor is another famous face that may be in attendance. Ellis-Bextor was the lead singer of the indie band Theaudience, and Meghan is a huge fan of her music, writing “sweet Sophie stole our musical hearts with the hit, Murder on the Dance Floor, a tune that has stood the test of time”

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