Two Women And Their Hilarious Online Shopping Mistakes ⋆

Two Women And Their Hilarious Online Shopping Mistakes

We live in a digital time and space where with a click of a button (and a credit card number) items we want can be sent to us from all over the planet right to our doorstep. Why do we do it? Time! We don’t have time for window shopping, so we just click and click. It’s so convenient; there are no crowds, no lines and you could always find a great price.

Yes, online shopping is wonderful and time-saving, but the risk is there. When you buy a pencil online, you have a small risk, but when buying a dress – you risk a lot more. You should know that even when photographing a hamburger for marketing purposes, it’s not really a hamburger, but a fake build so it would look amazing on screen. Well, the same applies to dresses and shoes.

Like this women found out when she ordered the dress on the left, but got the “thing” on the right. It’s not that her body is so different from the body of the model, it’s just a different dress. Online shopping could and should be called the ‘fool’s gold’ of the digital era. As you can see, the fit and cut of the dress are not appealing at all, and don’t even look like the one in the picture. She should save it for next Halloween. There are so many hilarious online shopping mistakes out there.

Purple Disaster

Woman #2 saw the advertisement photo on the left. This model looks amazing and it will probably look as amazing on me, wouldn’t it? Well, NO.

As you can see on the right, the contraption that was sent in the mail was not quite the sexy dress as advertised on the left. She definitely learned her lesson that sometimes it’s best to buy at a brick-and-mortar store. I mean. We hope she learned her lesson.

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