Trending Destinations for 2019 Travel ⋆

Trending Destinations for 2019 Travel

Travel fads have always been around with some staying for just a season and others sticking around for a lot longer.  Every year something new comes along so we are taking a look at some of the emerging trends for 2019.

Using the road less traveled.

Most experienced travelers are well versed in the need to step away from the beaten track in order to get some great deals and avoid crowds of tourists.

Avoiding all the places that you know are tourist-heavy will completely change your traveling experience so choose wisely when looking for a destination.

Augmented or Otherworldly attractions

 Part of the modern trend for tourism is the world of augmented reality, made possible by continual improvement in virtual reality (VR) technology.

You can literally travel while never leaving your chair using the much-improved headsets and apps. 360-degree content means you can travel to the Arctic, Aruba, the Caribbean or even go off-planet to Mars!

However, it is unknown if these technologies will ultimately change the travel experience of those who still prefer to see things in real life.

Finding your Ancestors

We are fortunate enough to be living in the age of information technology, and with so much knowledge available at the click of a button we have never been more able to find great travel destinations.

With the new DIY online DNA kits we can find out lots of details about our own origins and this can help us plan trips to new and exciting locations – looking into the places on earth where our early ancestors lived can be an exciting experience.

The Electric Road Trip

Road trips are always popular and with the advent of the electric vehicle revolution, it could be a lot kinder to the planet.

Electric vehicle (EV) technology has moved on, making the vehicles more popular and increasing the number of places you can grab a charge.  In the future, your traditional road trip could be seen from a different perspective.

Looking for Dark Skies

 Most of us rarely get a really good look at the night sky because of the amount of light pollution across the planet.

We can obviously see the moon and the major constellations but for a good look at the night sky check out one of the new dark-sky spaces and take your constellation viewing to new and amazing levels.