Transgender Teen Wins Homecoming Prize ⋆

Transgender Teen Wins Homecoming Prize

Today, the world is far more focused on equality and understanding. Sadly, many people aren’t quite as understanding as they could be and for Stiles Zuschlag, a 17-year-old from Maine, the problem had gotten so bad that he was run out of his previous school for being transgender. He was told by his old school to either ‘comply with school rules’ and ignore his transition, or leave. Thankfully, he chose the latter.

He left and moved to a public school and at this point, he got one of the best honours a school student can have; he was awarded the Homecoming King award during a school football match.

Speaking about it, a clearly elated Stile said: “I was really excited. I wanted to cry. I felt like I could excel no matter where I was.”

From early 2015, his transition was taking place yet he kept it a secret. Using the same facilities as his female classmates and friends at his old school, he was eventually told to make a choice as the school had a very clear policy on transgender transition. At present, Stiles is running at a 3.89 GPA, hugely impressive stuff, so it sounds like they missed out on a wonderful student as well as a lovely person.

Stiles was even asked what bathroom he wanted to use at the new school, showing that they actually cared about transition. Well done!

It’s horrible to think that exclusion could still exist when all someone wants is to be treated as who they feel they are. Still, at least someone was able to make space for a good, kind, friendly student who just wants to get by in life and not be judged on someone else’ opinion of humanity.