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Top Love: The Crazy Life & Love of Tom Cruise

Co-Star Crushes

Relationships between co-stars are almost inevitable. All that time spent together often develops affectionate feelings. It was said during the filming of Risky Business that an affair between Rebecca De Mornay and Cruise was widely known by the film crew.

Despite the fact that De Mornay was older than Cruise and also in a relationship with Harry Dean Stanton, 33 years her senior, no obstacles slowed this fiery couple down..

Picking And Choosing

Although Cruise claimed to be a born-again Christian, he did not always practice it. He religiously read the Bible and upheld religious values in all aspects of his life except for relationships.

Cruise technically committed adultery in his relationship with De Mornay, their affair carrying on after the film ended. Though it didn’t last, his fling with Rebecca established in Tom an affinity for older women.