Top Love: The Crazy Life & Love of Tom Cruise ⋆

Top Love: The Crazy Life & Love of Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise. You either love him or hate him, but it’s certain you can’t just let him pass by without notice. He had some weird moments in his history, but he also had some amazing ones. The hot tough guy, or the mushy-all-over high-in-love guy, or the religious geek… you have to know more about him.

At just 19 years old, Tom Cruise’s career launched with his starring role in the iconic movie Risky Business, and with his success and good looks, Cruise began to have his way with the ladies. His off-set antics were closely observed by his co-stars; according to Curtis Armstrong, a line of ladies strung outside Cruise’s trailer, hoping for a chance to get close to the young star.

In addition, Armstrong noted that his co-star balanced women with Bible study. But Tom’s eyes were set on someone else.

Little Love On The Prairie

Tom Cruise is believed to have dated The Little House on the Prairie star Melissa Gilbert during his early years in Hollywood. Gilbert notes, “He was a struggling starving actor, and I was working. I actually bought him his first set of dishes,” but their intimacy was short-lived.

In an interview on Watch What Happens Live!, Gilbert claimed that the furthest they’d ever gone was just to share a few kisses.

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