Top 10 Ways Game Of Thrones Could End ⋆

Top 10 Ways Game Of Thrones Could End

Rumble / Entertainment Life – If you are reading this, you are probably a Game of Thrones fan, the fact is that Game of Thrones is one of the most popular series of today and has millions of followers around the world.

Recently, HBO launched the eighth season of Game of Thrones, which featured a first chapter full of surprises, from which some fans managed to predict a little of what would happen. We all have favorite characters, some have managed to captivate us with their actions and attitudes, while others have earned our hatred thanks to their arrogance.

However, Game of Thrones is a series of surprises and, sometimes, what we least expect happens. Game of Thrones is back!

With the eighth season on the horizon, there are many ways in which Game of Thrones could end, this means that each fan has a possible theory of what he believes will happen in the final plot of the series, and in this case, WatchMojo shows 10 possible ways in which everything will end.

Probably 10 is a very small number since each fan must have a different theory of how Game of Thrones could end or at least the plot of what could happen before our favorite character manages to obtain or maintain the iron throne. There could be hundreds of different theories!

Eight years have passed since the release of the first episode of the first season of Game of Thrones, during these eight years, the series has captivated millions of fans around the world and this is quite good.

Literally, you can find many people to talk about the series and discuss theories about what might happen in Game of Thrones ends. In general, you can find different opinions about the kingdoms found in Game of Thrones, because everyone is free to think and analyze each of the characters, even become their loyal followers.

If something is sure is that George RR, does a good job with the plot of Game of Thrones, as it always manages to surprise us in each of the chapters that the series has. If you saw the complete series, you should know that the iron throne has already had many owners throughout the series, the truth is that most of the kingdoms that are part of Game of Thrones are thirsty to take possession of the iron throne.

In most attempts to obtain the throne, the kingdoms have failed, since the Lannister have managed to move their pieces well and have managed to retain the iron throne and defeat many of their enemies.

You are probably a Game of Thrones fan, so remember that we must all be patient and share theories and opinions only with those who have seen the same number of chapters and seasons as us, since the legend says that the Spoilers are very bad. Jon Snow will protect us from the Spoilers!

Do you think the Starks will get the iron throne? Or will the Targaryens get it? Can the Lannisters own the iron throne at the end of the season? Or will
winter end by freezing everyone? There are really many theories… Do not forget to leave your opinion and theories in the comments!