Top 10 Superfoods Ideal For Weight Loss

As everyone knows, trying to lose weight can be more challenging than it first appears. Often, the challenge of getting into physical shape can be a source of negativity, as we struggle to find the right source of foods to help us do that. Given that 80% of your weight loss stems from diet, it’s vital to know what you should eat.

So, with that in mind, here is a fantastic list of superfoods that are ideal for weight loss starting today.


A great starting point, almonds are rich in Vitamin C, fiber and very low in calories. That’s a great way to help eat some good and nutritious food without having to take in lots of calories while doing so.


Another fine choice is the humble apple. Loaded with pectin, which helps to slow down digestion and make you feel fuller, apples are great for giving you a sense of fullness, and can easily be combined with numerous foods.


The King of the hipster superfood, avocado is great for you and tastes awesome too. Add in the fact it’s got lots of fiber, too, and eating avocado should be high up on the list of foods you’re eating.


Need we say more? The banana is a rich source of energy, wellness and quality. It’s great for helping you to lose weight as it’s a source of resistant starch, which digests very slowly and thus makes you feel full longer.


This sweet veggie is a must for anyone looking to take their quality of life to a new level. Loaded with antioxidants and easily made into a roast, carrots are a must for anyone wanting to feel great.

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