Timing Is Everything. And Luck... ⋆

Timing Is Everything. And Luck…

We live in the peak of the photogeneration, where everyone has their phone cameras on the ready and are waiting to capture something.

Some of these photos happen to capture that very moment before disaster strikes. Get ready to scroll through, laugh, cry, and stare in awe at these photographs talent seconds before disaster.

Think of the Children!

This picture is one of innocence and fun, but just imagine what transpired a split second after this was captured!

It seems all the excitement of the experiment caused these little ones to remember to run away from the exploding soda.

Brace Yourself

This photo captures it all. Not only can you see that things have gone very wrong with the motorbike, but his face could not be more expressive.

This guy is captured 5 seconds before a total face transplant…and he knows it.