Thor’s Hammers are Filling Up the Dining Room! ⋆

Thor’s Hammers are Filling Up the Dining Room!

We all know that Chris has played the God of Thunder, Thor, in 8 Marvel films but does he have to leave all his hammers lying around his dining room? His wife, Elsa Pataky, said that her husband’s rather large collection of Thor memorabilia is filling up their dining room.


Michael Wippa Wipfill said that Chris had told him he wanted to display all his hammers on their main table!

Elsa Pataky said, yes, he always picks the best places in the house! Well, I guess she laid down the law. He might play Thor, the God of Thunder, but that does not mean Chris can just leave his hammers lying all around the house.

Much to Chris’ disappointment, Elsa, the 43-year-old Spanish actress, just recently banned all his prop hammers from public display. She revealed that his huge collection of hammers and other Thor memorabilia is cluttering up their dining room. It’s not surprising, considering he has portrayed Thor in eight different films so there’s no doubt his collection is enormous!

Chris and Elsa were married in 2010 and have three children, 7-year-old India and 5-year-old twin boys Sasha and Tristan.


The couple is getting ready to move into their Bryon Bay home in the next few weeks after almost three years of renovations and construction. Chris bought the home for $7 million in 2014 which is now believed to be worth over $20 million. It has been rumored they have installed an infinity pool that cost $400,000 and an outdoor skateboard ramp!

Elsa has decided to put her foot down, banning the prop hammers from public display. In addition to the Broken Head property, the home has 5 bedrooms, a study, and a 6.8 by 4-meter walk-in wardrobe for Elsa.

All said and done, as Chris has played Thor in 8 different Marvel films, we can assume his collection of huge hammers is probably quite extensive.