This Summer: A ‘Pay What You Can’ Vacation ⋆

This Summer: A ‘Pay What You Can’ Vacation

The Under Canvas travel company which specializes in glamping holidays have started a promotion in which selected people will only have to pay what they can afford in order to take a vacation with them.

The promotion which continues until the 4th June came after a recent Bankrate survey exposed the fact that around 1 in 4 US citizens will not be taking a vacation this year due to lack of funds.  This accounts for a staggering 39million people being unable to go on holiday.

Under Canvas believes that finances should not restrict people when it comes to getting out and enjoying nature. Traveling, far from being a privilege, is an essential part of life, according to the CEO and co-founder of the company, Sarah Dusek.

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Her company is now selecting travelers to take part in the promotion which means they can vacation for up to 4 nights and stay within their own personal budget.

Accommodation prices vary between locations but in Utah, for example, a deluxe tent in the stunning Zion National Park usually costs $239/night, taking a 3-night stay up to $860.

The promotion is open to any traveler so any single, couple or family resident in the US can apply for it.  After stating their annual income, their preferred location and travel dates in June through August they will also need to give the team an idea of why they should be considered and how much they can afford to pay.

So far Dusek has been touched by the stories that have been coming into the Under Canvas team.

The company is currently offering glamping trips in a variety of locations including Moab in Uta, Yellowstone in Montana and the Great Smokey Mountains, Tennessee among others.   This is a great opportunity to spend time in some of the most beautiful locations across the US in Under Canvas’s safari style tend accommodation.

The deadline for people who want to apply for the ‘pay what you can’ glamping trips is June 4th, with lucky winners announced on June 7th.  There is no minimum or maximum number set so participants have every chance to grab this amazing opportunity and head off for a great vacation.