This Is What Happens When You Leave Your Pet With Others ⋆

This Is What Happens When You Leave Your Pet With Others

Going out of town and thinking of leaving your pet with family or friends? You might want to think again… Our beloved furry friends might not be as safe as we would expect in the hands of others. Keep reading to see the hilarious results of leaving your pets with a petsitter!

Dinosaur Cat

This cat’s owner didn’t suspect a thing when she let her boyfriend take the cat to the groomer. When she came home she was shocked to find her former fluff ball transformed into a dino-cat.

Cats usually live beyond 15 years, but this cat is clearly from a much more ancient era – the Jurassic era. Talk about pranking your girlfriend. She might want to take care of the cat’s grooming herself from now on.

This Dog Is Off The Charts

When this dog owner left his dog with the kids, he received the surprise of his life. They decided to give their canine friend a little makeover…

Their beloved dog has been turned into a total superstar. Complete with pink tights, pink heels, and a pink wig. He looks like he could be Nicky Minaj’s dog!

A Tropical Dancer

We all know that feeling. We have a million chores to do around the house – we have to do the dishes, fold the laundry, and iron. But all we want to do is procrastinate and hang out with our pet.

This housewife did just that when she dressed her dog as a Hawaiian Hula dancer to avoid doing her work. Imagine her husband’s surprise when he came home to this!

Master Chef

My oh my, the neighbor’s dog won’t stop barking. We mean, baking. And his favorite recipe happens to be two cups of bacon, some eggs, and a bit of cat food.

This guy’s dad posted this funny picture on his Facebook and it sure did go viral. We can’t wait for the chef dog’s cooking book to come out.