So You Think You Know Babies? Think Again… ⋆

So You Think You Know Babies? Think Again…

When parents talk about their newborns, they usually talk about how cute they are, what they did, what they did after that, how they burped or made funny noises. But no parent told anyone how their baby has a super-human strength or how their baby was born hairy as Chubaka from Star Wars? No, of course they didn’t tell you that.

These facts about newborns will definitely make you wonder what you actually know about babies.

  • Unborn babies grow mustaches while still in the womb – this mustache later spreads all over covering their tiny bodies to regulate their body temperature. This mustache-like hair is called This is why some babies are born hairy looking like a werewolf. Some babies, on the other hand, are born with much less hair than others. Lanugo fell off earlier, while the baby is still in the womb. Now comes the weird part – the unborn baby EATS the lanugo which is pooped out right after birth.

  • Babies are born with 300 bones. This fact may not seem so interesting, but do you know how many bones does an adult have? 206! That’s almost a 100 bones more! Even though babies have almost a 100 bones more than adults, they are born without kneecaps.
  • Newborns can recognize mom’s voice at birth! Although their middle ear is still full of fluid and hearing is not 100% developed, the sound of their mother’s voice is recognizable and the baby responds to the sound their mom makes by talking.
  • Babies double in weight in the first five months of their life, so parents, be aware, they grow really, really fast!
  • Wow, look at those big blue eyes! Babies are born with huge eyes compared to their heads, or about 75% of adult sized eyes. So no, this doesn’t mean your newborn will have huge eyes when they grow up.

  • Try to breathe and swallow at the same time. You can’t, but babies can! Newborn babies can breathe and swallow at the same time until they are 7 months old. What a great trick.
  • Some babies sleep with their eyes open, so if you see your newborn laying still and moving its eyes like it’s possessed by demons don’t freak out, it’s just super-creepy to see but perfectly normal. This will stop happening when the baby gets older.
  • Baby boys have erections, much sooner than you thought. So soon actually that it happens while they are still in their mother’s womb. The next time you feel a pregnant woman’s belly and you feel something, don’t be so sure it was the babies hand or foot.
  • Babies have super-human strength! No, really. If you are in contact with a small baby, you may know they like to grab things tight, but you certainly didn’t know how tight. Their grasp is so strong that they can actually hold their whole body up.

  • Did you know how fast the baby’s heart beats? From birth to one year old, their heart beats 140 times per minute. After the first year, it drops down to about 115 beats per minute. This would be less interesting if the average heartbeat per minute in adults was over 80 beats per minute. So your baby’s heart beats almost twice as fast as yours.