Things That “Older” Moms Don’t Want To Hear

There are some comments that a mom who is 35 or more years old doesn’t need to hear. One moment you feel young and healthy holding a newborn in your arms and suddenly, in a blink of an eye, your third child goes to preschool. When a mother gets near to her forties, some comments from other people may be really disturbing.

Referring to a mother as AMA. It is an abbreviation for advanced maternal age. If you are a mom, the first thing you will think when you hear something like that is that you’re almost 40, not 80 years old. Unfortunately, when we speak in medical terms, every woman who passes 34 is referred to as AMA.

“Fertility treatments can be very effective. Are you doing them?” When you turn 35, this question shouldn’t surprise you. In some cases women decide to undergo IVF, but many of them can still conceive the old fashion way. Believe it or not, even those “older” women can still have sex and get pregnant.

“You will be too old when your kid gets to college or gets married.” If you don’t realize that by yourself, there is something wrong with you. It is pretty obvious that when your kid gets his driver’s license, you will probably be deep in your fifties and that you’ll become a grandmother when you push 70. There is no need for others to rub that in your face.

“It is better to become a parent when you are young.” That may be true, but what if you did gave birth to your first child when you were 27 and still want more kids? There is nothing wrong if you have your fourth kid when you’re 37. Plus you will be one experienced mom.

It can be very risky to conceive after you are 35. Both mother and baby have a greater chance of gestational diabetes or chromosomal abnormalities when a woman is in her mid-thirties. On the other side, a recent study reviled that if a woman gives birth later in life, has much less chance to develop ovarian cancer. Also, another study showed that women who decide to conceive in older age, tend to be smarter.

“Having a little kid requires a lot of energy. Do you think you can manage that?” Becoming a mother is exhausting whether you are 25 or 40 years old. Of course, your energy level is much higher in your twenties, but experience has a big role in raising a child. Older moms don’t run around and panic when their baby has a hiccup or starts crying even when it is not hungry or thirsty. Also, you know that baby weight will go away at some time.

7.”I’m not having any more kids. Period!” It is not rare to hear this from a 35-year-old mom. If you are this age and still want to have more kids, it can be hard to hear this. Don’t let that depress you. It is perfectly normal to want and have kids later in life.