These Famous Actors Almost Quit Their Roles ⋆

These Famous Actors Almost Quit Their Roles

I can mention more than three movies I will be happy to watch over and over again. The thrill I experience while watching these movies is mainly because of the brilliant performance of the lead actor. So imagine if your favorite actor did quit their role during the making of the film. This was almost the story for the following movies;

Interview With a Vampire Starring Brad Pitt

Well, you have to admit, this was not really the type of movie you expected to see Brad, but he did great as the lead actor. The film was released in 1994, and it made headlines. However, Brad Pitt has revealed the only gratification he got from that movie was the $40 million he was paid for his role. When asked what he didn’t like about the film production, Brad Pitt mentioned the wardrobe. He had to wear clothes that were ‘annoying’ and a contact lens at all times while shooting the movie. Now imagine that I am sure Johnny Depp wouldn’t have minded, considering his roles in hit movies.

Emma Watson Needed to go to a Real College

The Harry Potter fan base is huge. Imagine one of the Harry Potter movies without Hermione Granger, well this almost happened. Emma Watson almost left her role in the Harry Potter movies to focus on her education. However, the producers were able to work something out, and the fanbase didn’t have heartbreak.

The Grinch Annoyed Jim Carey

Well, this is not surprising, after all the Grinch has an annoying personality and hates Christmas. Jim Carey had issues with the costume and needed special help before he could get into character and deliver a performance we all like in this movie. I truly wonder if another actor could have done it the way Jim did, so we can be thankful he didn’t quit.

Horrific Memories Scared Salma Hayek While Shooting Frida

After surviving multiple sexual assaults from Harvey Weinstein, Salma Hayek could hardly stand the thought of playing Frida the muralist who the movie was about. The memories of her past experience with Harvey Weinstein were challenging, and Salma wanted to quit. However, I guess the professional actress in her took over, and the film was completed. Thankfully, the movie won Academy Awards, The Golden Globe Awards, and a BAFTA Award.

Did You Know Al Pacino Was Almost Rejected From The God Father?

There are a few films that match the quality and entertainment of The Godfather movie. However, Al Pacino was almost dropped from the cast in favor of other actors. The actor had almost given up ever featuring in such a great movie. However, changes were made by Francis Ford Coppola who was the director and casting were done and he was finally selected to play Michael Corleone.

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