Therapy Animals To Change Your View of the World ⋆

Therapy Animals To Change Your View of the World

As someone who needs help in life, it can be hard to put your head above the parapet and admit you need assistance.

Many of us struggle with the concept of reaching out – even when our need for help is pure, honest and justified.

It’s easy to denigrate ourselves and our needs, though, which is what many of us happen to do. However, for some people, the easier solution is to instead work with a therapy animal. Some, though, choose more unique animals than others.

What are some of the oddest therapy animals which are making waves with those in need?

The Pig

While pigs are often associated with the muck and mire of a farm, they are truly beautiful animals. Pigs are great for cheering us up, as they tend to be fun to spend time around and great for uplifting the mood of any room.

Pigs are often good choices for young children in need of a therapy animal. They are less high energy and are thus less likely to frighten a child still getting to grips with the wider world.

The Llama

While most of us see the llama as three parts internet meme, this amazing animal is a go-to choice for many people in need of therapy. Fluffy and funny, they bring a smile to our faces and are becoming very common as a therapy animal.

They are quite tame, too, so they tend to work well in settings where other more energy-intensive animals might not be the ideal choice. Llamas rock, especially as therapy animals.

The Monkey

Obviously, the monkey was going to make this list. These adorable little animals are one of the best around for therapy. They are smart and cute, but they also manage to find easy ways for us to play with them.

They can usually tell when you are in need of a bit of help and hugs, too, so they tend to be excellent choices for those who are feeling a little down and want a bit of added support.

The Snake

Now, this might seem odd as a lot of people hate snakes. The snake, though, is a hugely therapeutic animal to spend time around. They tend to be great for relieving anxiety and has become a common form of therapy for those who need a bit of help just relaxing and resting their mind a little.

So long as you can handle being around a snake, it could be the perfect choice of therapy animal for you personally.

The Elephant

Last but not least, the elephant has become a common choice or a lot of people who need therapy. Smart and soulful, the elephant is known for having an incredible memory. Therefore, it won’t forget you – so long as you don’t forget him.

An elephant is great for playing games with and for just having some fun with. Even a quick ride on their back is seen as hugely therapeutic.