The Women Behind The Ring: Meet The WWE Wives ⋆

The Women Behind The Ring: Meet The WWE Wives

They say behind every successful man there’s a woman. Some say that’s because girls never run after guys who don’t succeed. But we beg to differ. These ladies can more than hold their own. In some instances, these gorgeous dames outshine their muscular counterparts. It takes a strong woman to tame these monsters of brute force.

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you the wives of your favorite WWE stars. The beauties who captured the hearts of these beasts.

Jennifer Hudson – David Otunga

This is a fine example of a wrestler’s partner who is most certainly more famous than the wrestler. Jennifer Hudson has come on in leaps and bounds since her time on American Idol. Despite having her fair share of tragedy with her family, Hudson has managed to find some luck in her love life, meeting wrestler David Otunga.

Although the couple have since had a kid and even got engaged at one point, they officially separated in 2017.

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