The Wildest Things You Will Only See In Texas ⋆

The Wildest Things You Will Only See In Texas

Texas is one weird and wonderful place with surprises on every street corner. Get ready to scroll through and see our collection of photos which show the hilarious and wild sides of Texas.

Drive-Thru, or Ride-Thru?

I have always secretly wished I live in a generation of horse riding rather than car driving, but it seems all I needed to do was go to Texas.

Apparently, many residents of the Lone Star State prefer to use the eco-friendly transportation method of a horse rather than the fossil-fuel killer of a car.

Have her back by midnight…or else

I’ sure it’s always nerve-wracking for a young boy to ask a girl out in front of her father, let alone come fetch her for the prom.

This dad made sure to put fear in the heart of his daughter’s date, so the boy knew he better treat her well and to have her back before midnight! We also have to admit he makes a hilarious photobomb.