Wrapping Paper...With the Scent of Sausage! ⋆

Wrapping Paper…With the Scent of Sausage!

Christmas 2019 will soon be upon us and Jimmy Dean has announced that for the second year they are once again asking customers to participate in the Recipe Gift Exchange.  This year, however, they are not only ringing Yuletide Bells they are also ringing the changes!

Participants in the exchange will have to replace any of the usual rules associated with Secret Santa with….sausages!  This could be a real sausage, a photo of sausages or even sausage-scenting gift wrap.

There are other things to choose from apart from the sausage-scenting paper.  Also on offer are delights such as maple and sausage lip balm (which comes with mistletoe), knitting socks to look like the brand’s signature sausage roll packs, cowboy-boot slippers luxuriously lined with fur and boasting a spur which is, you guessed it, a Jimmy Dean sausage.

There is also a glass ornament in the shape of a sausage.

Extra Festive

Jimmy Deans are really pleased with their candy canes which come in packs of three and taste of maple syrup with just a hint of sausage thrown in for an extra festive feeling. These, claims Jimmy Dean, would make the perfect stocking filler!

In the Holidays we all love to enjoy our traditional family recipes that only ever come out for Christmas.  However, there is still room to bring in the new and sausage candy may be the start of a new family tradition for someone out there.

The company knows that Jimmy Dean plays a part in family meals at Christmas and are once again excited to see what special recipes their fans cook up for the Recipe Gift Exchange.  Customers can sign up for the event through to 17th December, but be sure to submit your recipe early because they will only accept entries while stocks last.

We are sure that Jimmy Dean fans everywhere will enjoy their new sausage-based Christmas treats.