The TV Boyfriends You Wish You Had ⋆

The TV Boyfriends You Wish You Had

Everyone loves a good romcom, it’s all we need on a rainy day to ensure that the grass is greener on the other side and our true love is just waiting for us! All though granted, some may be unrealistic, there’s no denying they give us that warm bubbly feeling inside.

Especially because of those amazing boyfriends and love interests! The men who are as good looking as they are good-hearted and who we all wish at one time or another could be our own boyfriends! We are about to countdown our favorite movie boyfriends, so get some popcorn and get comfy!

Michael Moskowitz in “The Princess Diaries”

Dark eyes, good-hearted musician with a dedication to Mia when she was a curly-haired nerd with no royal relations in sight. Michael Muscovites won our hearts with his sincerity, his handy car skills, and his musical abilities.

Boyfriend Material

We all have a crush on our best friends’ older brother at one point or another, but Michael is one truly worthy boyfriend. he is too shy to ever get cocky and can we please talk about that smarty-decorated pizza! I’m still not over the fact that he didn’t crack movie number two….