The Real Reason Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley Divorced ⋆

The Real Reason Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley Divorced

No one’s love life and personal relations are quite as scandalous as the late Michael Jackson’s. To this very day, disgraceful details from his past are making headlines. When the King of Pop married Elvis Presley’s daughter in a secret ceremony back in 1994, the world was shocked.

Many called foul on the relationship, declaring it a publicity stunt. But the pair set out to prove the world wrong. Until, in January 1996, only 15 months after the wedding, Lisa Marie Presley filed for divorce. So why did she tell him to ‘Beat It’ all those years ago?

What was the scandalous secret that separated this high-profile pair? And what happened to all of Jackson’s kids? We’ve got all the juicy details you need to know about Jackson’s messy divorces and the effect on his kids.

Desperate for a Publicity Stunt?

There’s no denying Michael Jackson is a 90’s music icon now, but you wouldn’t know it looking at his music sales in the year he wed Lisa Marie. According to the Los Angeles Times, Jackson’s latest album at the time, HIStory: Past, Present and Future Book I, was selling at a disappointing rate through the end of 1995. Fewer than 2 million copies of the album were sold. Compare that to the 33 million sales of his 1982 Thriller.

So did a slump in Jackson’s music career drive him to desperate measures? It wasn’t the only reason people believed his marriage was a stunt. Presley, too, was at the beginning of her own music career. It seemed highly suspicious that the musical pair would orchestrate a relationship at such a pivotal time…