The Most Wonderful and Funny Sights Spotted At Airports

Airports are underratedly, one of the weirdest public spaces. They are the place where adventures begin and end, where its okay to drink a beer at 5 a.m., sleep on a bench and walk around with no shoes without being judged. So, it makes sense the most bizarre scenes have been spotted at the airport!

What you see at airports should stay at airports, as no one would believe you if you told them what you’ve seen. That’s why it’s so important to keep your mobile phone ready for any quick snap you encounter at the flight hub. So, let’s see who made our day at the airport.

Santa Gets Himself IN Trouble

Judging by this picture, it seems Christmas came to the airport! Was he there to deliver gifts to fellow travelers or have an adventure of his own… who knows but it looks like he may have found himself in a spot of trouble surrounded by security. Bad Santa.

Hold your boarding pass, there’s more