A Day-At-The-Beach Turned Funny ⋆

A Day-At-The-Beach Turned Funny

A trip to the beach is always something to look forward to. Whether it is with our family, our friends or our colleagues, a chance to visit the seashore is sure to help us relax. Dip your feet in the sand, diving into the water and having the sunshine on our skin is an experience that makes young and old, rich and poor, male and female happy.

Of course, due to everyone enjoying the beach, this means everyone has had an embarrassing moment at the beach. Lucky for us some of these moments were caught on camera much to our glee. Lo and behold, the most hilarious beach photos ever taken!

Who Is The Photobomber?

Isn’t it weird when the only one ready for the photo is your pet? Upon closer inspection, this dog may have just taken the world’s first animal selfie. Is the dog photobombing these girls’ photo, or are these girls photobombing the dog’s photo?

A Bucket Full Of Sunshine

Ah, the fun we can have with cameras, making objects appear bigger and/or smaller than their real size. This lady and her son look to be falling victim to the giant blue bucket. The lady really sells it, but the lad couldn’t look more disinterested. Kids, we tell ya!

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