The Key to the Most Luxurious Shower Ever ⋆

The Key to the Most Luxurious Shower Ever

It seems like there is endless creativity to interior designing, and bathrooms are done up no less than any other room in the house. One of the most-used features of a bathroom is the shower, but honestly, there’s only so much you can do.

Every shower needs the same characteristics – a durable floor, water-proof walls, handles to control the water, a shower head, and a drain. I’ve seen some pretty unique shower heads in my time, and many people have managed to make their shower one-of-a-kind, but one feature usually stays the same – the drain.

Have you ever seen a Linear drain?

I don’t know about you, but for me, the drain is the worst part of the shower. It’s that gross area where hair, dirt, and scum all seem to gather. It’s a necessary part of every shower, but it’s never very pretty. In fact, I find myself avoiding standing on the drain because I don’t want to come into contact with any of its scum!

So, I never thought I’d be amazed by a shower drain until I discovered linear shower drains.

I was staying at the beachfront hotel in St. Barthelemy, Le Sereno Hotel, Villas & Spa – a member of Leading Hotels of the World, a collection of more than 400 independent, boutique luxury hotels scattered around the globe – when I first saw one of these drains.

The hotel had suffered serious damage during Hurricane Irma in 2017 and closed for over a year to rebuild.  The results are astounding! Every inch of the hotel exudes luxury and refinement.

The shower was no less, and my favorite feature was its drain, of all things! It took me a while to figure out how it worked exactly, where the water was going. I stood examining it much longer than necessary, but I finally figured it out.

A linear shower drain! It’s a nearly invisible clean line in the floor that nests against the edge of the shower where the water and soap can escape.

The result was an unbroken plane of cool stone – the perfect shower for singing and dancing your heart out without a care in the world, not even where your feet land. The whole experience was spa-like because of a simple drainage change. Who would have thought?

And who knows, maybe it could have the same effect in your bathroom at home! I may try a linear drain myself!