The Gymnast Queen Of The Floor ⋆

The Gymnast Queen Of The Floor

Inspired by Michael Jackson? Katelyn Ohashi stunned everyone with a routine that earned her full marks at the Collegiate Challenge in Anaheim. On the 12th of January, Katelyn performed a routine that left everyone speechless.

Even the professionals believed it was more than perfect and deserved a score higher than the perfect score. No one could understand how she managed to pull off a feat of immense creativity with a lot of finesse. A video of her performance has long since gone viral on the internet.

Her success helped her team secure the first-place and also helped her trend on social media with over 150,000 people talking about her. It was reported that her performance had only been done correctly just once before that day.

Inspired By Michael Jackson

A student of UCLA, Ohashi was the floor champion a year ago with a routine that shook the internet just as this one did. That routine was inspired by Michael Jackson. She had over 90 million people watch her performance online then.

According to her coach, they had wondered how to do better than they did the year before. They had worried they would not be able to top that performance but alas they beat it and surpassed their expectations.

Ohashi worked really hard and practiced for this performance really hard. As a gymnast of over 17 years, she has won a good number of competitions with her skills. She knew she had to put in more effort and surprise everyone with something even more fabulous and she did.

Her routine was said to comprise of a lot of moves and even packed in some that were not very necessary. Her teammates were also very instrumental in her performance.

Their cheers and support really had people impressed. They watched, cheered and some even performed along with her. Another part that really wowed people was Ohashi’s enjoyment. She was apparently having a wonderful time performing.

Her performance really impressed many people. It got a lot of comments from Twitter. Many people commented on how happy she looked while performing.

Don’t Try This At Home!

Many congratulated her and left comments of awe and shock at the ease with which she performed. Her drop splits were dubbed magic and were played over and over again. Many wondered how she rose as quickly as she dropped.

The young lady that tried to replicate her routine? Well, safe to say It didn’t end well at all.

Everyone agreed Michael Jackson would have been proud. She is said to have done a lot of justice to the man that inspired her.