The Famous Octuplets And Septuplets Stories ⋆

The Famous Octuplets And Septuplets Stories

Living on your own in an apartment in the city is hard enough. Living with another person that has other needs and wants is even harder.

Don’t even get me started on kids, or even twins. That takes first place. But wait… some people on this Earth are surprised by nature. We have the stories of two moms. One mom had eight twin kids (let me say that again – EIGHT kids born at the same time) and another mom had seven twin kids.

When the kids were born they became famous at once. But now, a few years have passed. What’s up with them today?

I’m sure at one point or another you have heard of Octomom, the woman who had a whopping eight babies in one pregnancy! It sounds too farfetched to be true but its true. Nadya Suleman took the world by storm in January 2009 when she gave birth. But many people raised eyebrows at the methods she went about getting pregnant with her eight children.