The Delightful Dogs of Tumblr ⋆

The Delightful Dogs of Tumblr

As one of the best sites for sharing moments of beauty and charm, Tumblr is long seen as the go-to place for fans of all things wonderful, cute and charming. Well, recently Tumblr helped out one user to find out something they wanted to know what are the five most huggable dogs?

It might sound like an odd question, but it’s one that you should 100% feel good about taking on. Being able to look at some majestic dogs and just wish you could cuddle them is part of what the internet is about, right?

Well, Tumblr has done us all a favor – it has compiled a list of the most huggable dogs, and we felt like it would be remiss of us not to show you these beautiful canines in full flow. Take a look below and you’ll understand why these dogs are so huggable.

From Big to Small

While we often outlive our pets, this amazing shot showed a dog who has been with the family ever since their son was little. The first picture shows the little guy holding onto the dog like it is his best friend in all the world. It’s a cute picture, and one that reminds you how awesome dogs are.

However, the second photo reminds us of their awesomeness for another reason: longevity. Sure, both of them are a bit older, but they still clearly share that same love and affection for one another.

On guard, all day

This sheepdog might be one that knows it has to be good at its job, but it appears to have taken that need to a whole new level. He shows just how much he loves his job when he managed to shepherd all of the sheep right into the kitchen.

While the sheep decided that now was a good time to defecate and wreck the house, it was the kind of cute imagery that we have come to expect from a good boy: pure-hearted, well-intentioned.

Smarter than the average dog

Part of what makes dogs so humorous is their ability to just chase their own tail all day. Well, this awesome dog actually managed to do the impossible: it caught its own tail!

While this delightful dog might be about to wonder what the point of life is now that it has accomplished this goal, we’re sure it will continue to be a tremendous dog that you won’t want to anything with but hug.

Feeling the pain

This one is a little less happy, as poor Schoep, 19, suffers from serious arthritis. He finds it hard to sleep, and his owner will take him out to the lake and lie there to help him fall asleep as it soothes his pain. That might be the single most adorable thing I’ve ever read, to be honest.

Generous Dog

Dogs will do anything to make us happy, even if it means sharing their favorite, dirty socks when they see you’re upset.

“I love my dog,” explained one Tumblr user. “If ever I cry, he collects up dirty socks and brings them to me. They’re his favorite thing in the world and they make him happy, so they’ll make me happy too. He’s a good boy.”

It’s all about showing the world that dogs are more than just supporting characters in our lives: many times, they can be every bit as important as a main protagonist. With dogs like these, who needs other people?

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