The Best Tips Offered by Jessa Duggar ⋆

The Best Tips Offered by Jessa Duggar

While parents pour all their love and attention into their children, all parents know the raising process can be very challenging and sometimes quite difficult. She also has a video on Instagram discussing the way she parents her children.

Jessa Duggar and her husband Seewald were married in 2014 and it didn’t take much time for them to become the parents of three children over the 5-year marriage.

The couple will be celebrating the 5th anniversary this fall.  They are the proud parents of two boys, Spurgeon and Henry, and recently welcomed their daughter, Ivy Jane, in May.

Excitement is Good

Jessa had difficulties with the birth of her daughter but, thankfully, all three kids are healthy and well.  She now has all the time she needs to focus on being the best Mom she can possibly be.

She recently posted a video to remind parents to “encourage” their children’s excitement.

Jessa went to Instagram to share a video she created of her oldest son, Spurgeon, showing him helping her vacuum the family room.  Watching the video, you can see he is giving it his best shot to help her clean even though handling the vacuum was a little challenging.

Jessa decided to let him continue vacuuming while she filmed him even though she probably could have gotten the job done much faster.  She let him continue helping her because he was so excited to do so.

She strongly believes that you must encourage and not squelch your kids’ excitement.  She went on to say that it’s really important that kids learn various tasks so, in the future, they can do it totally on their own.

Jessa’s fans love her parenting skills

When she posted the photo, her fans were all in full agreement as one fan said she should keep up the good work because she was doing a great job.  When you teach your children while they are really young, they will carry these lessons with them later on in life.

Even though she is the most experienced parent out of her siblings, she said she is still learning how to be a great parent.

Her sisters, Jill, Joy, and Jinger only have one or two children each, they all know that learning parenting skills can be tough but, thankfully, all the Duggars have each other to learn from and to lean on to get by.

Not only is Jessa doing a great job raising her three kids, but she has an incredible fan club that looks forward to her many helpful suggestions.

You might want to visit her on Instagram and discover some new ideas, tips, and advice to help you through the many challenges of raising your children.