The Best First Mobile Phone For Kids ⋆

The Best First Mobile Phone For Kids

An (emergency) phone for kids you can feel good about. The current technological growth that the world is experiencing has made it more difficult for parents to come to a decision on the appropriate age to hand their child a cell phone.

While staying in touch with your child is of utmost importance, one would need to get them a connected phone in order to achieve that. This also means that you’re exposing them to the internet, and particularly social media and all its distractions.

Later Is Better

There is no right or wrong age for a child to get their first smartphone, but according to experts, the older they are, the better.

A lot of parents would like to be in touch with their kids, and if you’re one of those parents, you won’t have to get your kid a smartphone earlier than you planned. We have the solution.

Relay is a screen-free cell phone, which also features a water-resistant body, Wi-Fi, and a 4G LTE coverage all over the country. Also included is a bonus GPS tracking capability.

With Relay, parents can communicate constantly with their kids from the Relay app installed on their smartphones. Relay works like a walkie talkie, but is able to get a far better signal strength just like regular smartphones.

As a parent, if you want your kids to have a limited number of contacts, Relay is just right. Also, kids can reach out to their parents to inform them that they’re home, or with their friends.

You won’t have to be scared about your kid’s location, or that they’re spending too much time on social media or are been affected with other disadvantages that come with normal smartphones.

Parents can give their kids access to additional functions from the Relay app on their phone. These functions include: music, language translation, and the ability to call other friends that own a relay phone. The Relay phone costs $50, plus an extra $10/month to keep the 4G network activated.

You can get the Relay for the best price from their website, or Amazon and Target at $42.49 on sale. Available in five amazing colors, the Relay presents you with an opportunity to stay connected to your kid while taking away all the negative effects that smartphones bring.