The Best ’70s One-Hit Wonders. See Them Today ⋆

The Best ’70s One-Hit Wonders. See Them Today

They had their 15 minutes of fame, but for some reason, it ended. But before it ended, we danced, ran, went crazy and were full of joy every time we heard these songs. You’d be surprised to see these one hit wonder singers now.

Play That Funky Music – Wild Cherry

There is no way in hell you’d have danced to this song before. It is impossible, and I am very sure of that.  However, the Wild Cherry was a struggling hard-rockin’ band that was looking for a big break before rising to the top of the musical charts in 1976 and making fans dance to their tunes.

One hit wonder

The story behind the legendary song was that band frontman, Rob Parissi, became inspired to write it, while they were playing at a club where an apparently disgruntled fan hurled the phrase at them. Parissi quickly capitalized and began to add flesh to it, and from there on, all the band needed for the big stage was to make a shift in the genre!

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