Old Photos Discovered Really Cool Parents! ⋆

Old Photos Discovered Really Cool Parents!

These old photos prove just how cool your own parents were!

Cool Mom And Skateboard:

As a kid, she probably spent hours racing through neighborhoods on her skateboard and thought she was the cat’s meow! There’s a level of confidence on her face that tells me Momma did this long before her kids even knew what a skateboard was.

That could be one reason she looks super natural just traveling along sidewalks and parking lots on her super skateboard!

This photo captures mom in her younger years, with her long hair is blowing in the breeze as she clipped along in high gear.  Back then, no one knew anything about safety gear such as a helmet, shin protectors, or anything else, just feeling born free!  And, check it out – she’s also barefooted!

Super Welding Grandma:

When grandma was a young woman, not only was she really cute but figured out how to carve her own career!  If you think back to 1983 and the release of the film Flashdance, it was a big Wow that a woman was a welder!  What the filmmakers didn’t understand, at least 50 years earlier, this young woman did just that!

During World War II, women were taking on careers that normally would have been held by men.  Well, all the men were off to war and women picked up the slack and went to work!

Many had jobs in manufacturing making weapons for the war.  They were doing jobs that at one time they would never have even been considered for.  Looking at this picture tells me she really enjoyed her job!

Dad The Firefighter:

It’s amazing what you might find while digging through that chest that resides in your attic!  This picture was discovered by someone whose dad was a firefighter back when.

He and a friend are enjoying a nice cool drink while a fire is blazing behind them – oops!  Actually, this fire is actually quite contained and not something to worry about.

Firefighters are really cool people dealing with really hot situations!  We all know if there was a real fire blazing around us, these people will be there to save the day.  This photo has captured in time that someone had a true hero for a dad!

Those Were The Days!

During the 70s, this dad was a military contractor who worked out of Saudi Arabia.  His gear speaks volumes that diving was a very big part of his life.  This photo caught dad returning from the Red Sea after a dive and still dressed in his diving gear.

Long before becoming a dad, this guy was creating stories that would last forever!  Needless to say, living in this area of the world, dad was going to take full advantage of the Red Sea exploring the amazing coral reefs that are formed all along the coast.

I’ll bet his kids grew up hearing some amazing stories about the deep blue sea and all the incredible creatures that call it home.  Maybe they even followed in their dad’s footsteps and took up diving!

What Were You Thinking Of Dad?

It’s always cool to have parents that enjoy being active in sports but this photo gives a whole new meaning to the word “cool”.  This photo captures dad in his younger days flying high in the sky on skis and only wearing trunks! Brr!

Yep, Dad is enjoying every minute while surrounded by freezing air and snow!  What’s really amazing, his leap seems so incredibly effortless!

 There’s something about this photo that speaks volumes that dad is not only so sure of himself but one really tough guy!  His son said his dad was the father of 4 boys and a ski instructor who was a legend to his students!