Tallest Celebrity Women ⋆

Tallest Celebrity Women

A pair of heels is a red carpet must-have for any Hollywood lady. But as it turns out, many of them don’t even need it! Your favorite celeb may seem like she’s an average 5’4, but wait until you see a picture of her towering over literally everyone around her. So just how tall are the tallest women in showbiz? You’re about to find out!

Ireland Baldwin – 6’2” (188 cm)

The daughter of Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin is taller than both of her parents. The beautiful Ireland Baldwin is 6’2” tall. When she’s not busy scoring coveted modeling gigs, she acts in movies and DJs at friends’ events.

The 23-year-old Baldwin recently took to Instagram to celebrate body positivity and self-empowerment with a tasteful nude which sparked a lot of discussion. You do you, Ireland!

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