Four-Year-Old Girl Gives Epic Performance At School Ceremony

We all know the feeling when our favorite song comes up on the radio or at a party. Its just like like heaven on Earth and you want to dance and sing with the songs on the top of your lungs. Well, if that can happen to adults then imagine the same situation when it comes to a little girl?

Well, we are sure you would love to watch a small kiddo going crazy on her favorite song.Well, here we are to help you by bringing you one amazing visual that will make your day for sure. Especially if you are a parent to a small girl then have some tissues by your side because you are going to cry and laugh all at the same time!

Michelle Nishen’s daughter Sophia just graduated kindergarten and her, along with her class, were supposed to sing the song “How Far I’ll Go” on the stage. When the song came up, Sophia couldn’t resist her excitement and started shouting the lyrics while the song was being played. Her motivated, full of excitement and active performance highlighted her among all the other little fairies on the stage and she took the show for sure.

Here, see it for yourself :


The video is damn cute yet hilarious because the gestures of Sophia and her timings with the lip syncing thing were amazing and all of her performance shows that she has seen the movie “Moana” quite a lot of times and knows each and every movement and lyric of the song.

Stealing the show at such a young age is clearly a sign that Sophia is going to become a superstar in the near future. The best part about her viral performance was that she even got a cookie cake by a fan and Sophia’s mom found it to be “the best thing ever” about all this event.

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