Superhero Dad Saves The Day! ⋆

Superhero Dad Saves The Day!

Probably the most terrifying moment in a parent’s life is having to make a split-second decision when a child has been thrust into harm’s way. Well, superhero dad, Albert, knows that terror when his toddler fell into the pool.

One-year-old Rocco managed to get through the pool gate in search of his toy.  Dad just happened to be there and saw his child fall into the pool.

He immediately catapulted himself over the fence and dove into the water to save his son.  Thankfully, dad and son survived the incident without any harm done to either one of them.  Also, a very valuable lesson was learned about pool hazards as well as safety.

An Outing That Could Have Gone Terribly Wrong:

Albert and his family live in Palm Beach, Florida.  One Sunday afternoon, the family decided to spend some time around the pool.

Toddler Rocco, age one, wanted to play with his beach ball that had ended up landing in the pool.  Unknown to dad, the fence that surrounds the pool was left ajar.

Albert was relaxing in the shade watching his son playing by the pool.  All of a sudden, dad realized that his toddler was in danger.  His son had lost his balance, slipped, and fell under the surface of the water.

Dad did not stop to think about it and going around the fence was not an option.  He catapulted himself over the fence which was being recorded on the Nest camera.

Albert threw himself out of his seat, threw himself over the fence, and hurled himself into the pool to save his son.  Adrenaline is a very powerful and often welcomed thing that can turn most people into superheroes.

He not only jumped into action but was literally thinking on his feet.

Dad also learned a very valuable lesson about children and pool safety.  He now always looks out for things to prevent any future incidents.  He checks the gate on a regular basis to ensure it is closed and locked.

Far too many children lose their lives drowning in pools. Albert learned all too well how very lucky he was to be able to save his son from drowning due to overlooking the pool gate.

Pool Safety Is A Must:

Parents everywhere can learn a lot from Albert’s story that could have turned into a tragedy. The Manager of the Drowning Prevention Coalition of Palm Beach County, Anna Stewart, commented on the incident.

After viewing the footage from the camera, she said her mouth fell open like a drawbridge.  She also pointed out there are adults that do not know how to swim and could also easily drown while attempting to rescue a child.

Although she believes that a situation should be assessed before making a decision, most parents are not going to do that.

Most experts believe that there should be flotation devices when kids are around a pool. Young children should learn how to swim at a very young age, and when young kids are going to be by water, an adult or parent must be present at all times.

Parents should learn all they can to prevent tragedies that happen by pools.  Parents are encouraged to look into the American Academy of Pediatrics “Prevention of Drowning”.

It is crucial that parents learn all they can to protect their children from water accidents during the summer months.  Should something horrible happen and a child drowns, there is no turning back.

Albert shared his video, showing him rescuing his son, on social media.  Over 200 people shared the video with others and over 140,000 people watched the incredible rescue!