Dog Allergies? Get A Hypoallergenic Dog ⋆

Dog Allergies? Get A Hypoallergenic Dog

Have you ever suffered from an allergy in life? As a person, you’ll know just how irritating this can be. That constant sense of tingling in the nose, the streaming eyes…it can be a proper nightmare. However, we can do something about it – we can take tablets, and we can combat almost any allergy.

For our dogs, though, they can’t exactly take a walk to the pharmacist and get the problem solved, can they?

If you are a dog lover and you suffer from a dog allergy, you can have quite a few problems to overcome. Many of us are happy to just put up with it and enjoy spending time with the dog, streaming eyes and hives et al, but do you need to make that kind of concession?

Nope. You could always look into getting a hypoallergenic dog, instead. These dogs are animals that won’t cause you to have anything like the same reactions – in many cases, you’ll suffer from no reaction whatsoever. While no dog is truly 100% allergy-free, many of these dogs are likely to, at the very least, vastly reduce your allergies.

We can be allergic for all manner of reasons to a dog, from its fur to its dander and saliva. It can cause you to have many problems, but with a hypoallergenic dog you can cut that down to a minimum.

Just remember that your allergies are going to be dependent on dog to dog – it’s not a breed thing. You could get two identical dogs, and only one would cause the allergies to flare up. The other might cause a totally different problem for you.

What are the best hypoallergenic dogs?

The most common breeds that you might wish to look into for a hypoallergenic dog include Portuguese Water Dogs, Bicon Frise and Irish Water Spaniels. Each of these dogs will produce far less dander than those around them and should be much more suited to those who need a reduction in their dog allergies.

Of course, you could also look to make some lifestyle changes in your home. We recommend that you give your dogs bed a regular wash, not just the semi-regular wash that it normally gets. Also, be more proactive when it comes to sweeping up all of the loose hairs on your dog. This is useful for helping you to avoid the build-up that can set off most of your allergens in the first place.

Simply take a look around for dogs which are suitable for those with allergens, and you can soon put an end to this problematic issue. You don’t need to live life without the joy of having a dog around the place, so don’t think that your allergens are going to stop you from having a four-legged friend!