Study: Couple Happiness Comes From Cuddling ⋆

Study: Couple Happiness Comes From Cuddling

Quite a number of studies about sex and relationships have sprung out in recent times. There however is one that interests us. A new study has it that couples tend to get more satisfaction not with the real act of sex, but with the cuddling and affection.

Despite the established knowledge about sex and details of how it improves our well-being, study co-author Anik Debrot still puts it to us that the improvement is as a result of the cuddles. According to her, the bond and positive connection that comes from sex with a partner is what makes sex beneficial and not just it hedonic and physical effect.

The research which was conducted in four different studies had the first two evaluate the agreement between sex and happiness. The studies were made by carrying out surveys of men and women, up to a few hundred, who were in serious relationships.

While the two studies confirmed that more sex is equivalent to increased life satisfaction, it also made known, the fact that this satisfaction comes when and only when affection and romance are being deployed, e.g. cuddling and kissing.

Track Your Mood

The third and fourth studies were about moods. Over a hundred couples were required to make a record of their feelings when they had sex and when affection came in for ten days. It was found that couples who had more sex during the 10-day challenge had their relationships improved six months later.

The simple submission of the study is that you need not have sex every day with your partner as long as the connection and affection are intact.