Street Art That Will Blow You Away ⋆

Street Art That Will Blow You Away

Graffiti is one of the most evocative art forms. It involves street artists often illegally adorning the empty walls with messages, pictures or patterns which speak to societies problems, joys, and sometimes are just expressions of pure art.

We have counted down the 30 best Graffiti art from some of the most well-known and infamous graffiti artists around.

Stood Up

What would this list be without starting off with the infamous Banksy? The British artist whose identity is still a source of mystery.

This stenciled art, called “Waiting In Vain… at the door of the club”, was painted on the shutters of the Hustler club in NYC. It shows a man clearly stood up by a girl from the club who promised him whatever he wanted to hear.

Searching for Diamonds

This piece of wall art is incredibly evocative for reasons you can’t really put your finger on… the adorable little girl picking her nose, a picture of innocence next to a barred window speaks something about the contradictions found all over our society.

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