Staying On Top Of Women Health ⋆

Staying On Top Of Women Health

In many cases, when people hear about concerns regarding breast health, they believe it’s probably all about breast cancer. The topic of breast cancer is usually addressed during the month of October which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and then buried in the back of our minds.

Being aware of and addressing breast health covers so much more than cancer and should start with being aware of what is going on inside your breasts and whether it’s normal.

If you regularly have a breast exam and even perform your own self-exam, you can learn what your normal breast tissue should feel like. Once you know that, it will be much easier to know if something is going on that does not seem normal.

If you feel something that is out of the ordinary, you should get with your doctor as soon as possible.

Signs To Look Out For:

Elizabeth Leschensky, a nurse at the Mayo Clinic Health System, knows how very important it is to contact your doctor if you are experiencing anything abnormal such as:

• You discover a lump in your breast that is new and does not seem right.
• A lump you discovered in your breast has not gone away over a given period of time.
• Lumps you discovered seem to be changing.
• The physical appearance of your breasts’ skin looks much different including redness, puckering, or

Your doctor has a number of screening and diagnostic tools to monitor your breasts including breast exams, mammograms, and breast ultrasounds.

In some cases, women might opt for cosmetic surgery to improve their breasts such as a breast reduction or augmentation. In many cases, breast surgery may actually help to improve their self-image or confidence.

If you or someone you know is considering any of these procedures, it’s really important to get with a plastic surgeon and learn what the surgery involves. You should work with your surgeon to build an achievable goal and set realistic expectations so you will be happy with the end results.

Even if surgery is not in your future, it’s important that you create healthy habits to keep your breasts healthy. You should stay away from smoking, limit the amount of alcohol you consume, maintain a healthy weight, and stay physically active.

Always have your yearly checkups and mammograms to ensure your breasts are healthy and nothing is lingering in the tissue. If something were to surface, you will be on top of it and able to move on to the proper course of action.