Real Life Spidey Saves The Day After Hurricane Irma ⋆

Real Life Spidey Saves The Day After Hurricane Irma

When a hurricane hits, the damage that it does to the wider community can be enormous – catastrophic in many cases. However, it always helps when the resident superhero gets the chainsaw out and goes to work. That’s what one man in Bradenton, FL, did after the hurricane had smashed the place up. People began to notice someone dressed as the one and only Spider-Man cleaning up, cutting down a fallen tree with his chainsaw!

The first person to spot him was Cheryl Hanbury, who immediately posted it online to her Facebook page, adding: “Omg! Just walked out the front door and found Spider-Man helping chainsaw down the huge tree covering our road! *Just snapped with iPhone, totally original, no photo shopping & no it’s not my husband lol. Just a cool thing that happened in front of my house of Riverview Blvd in Bradenton, Florida after Irma,

“Spider-Man worked the tree, then swung off and jumped in his little black pickup with a friend and flew off!” added Hanbury. “I do not know why he was dressed as Spider-Man, nor do I know the name or identity of the masked man.”

After such a rough few days, it was nice to see people go this extra mile to try and help the community share a few laughs. The storm was brutal and done a lot of damage, but the little things can help to restore our spirit and our faith in the world around us. It is safe to say, then, that Spider-Man was still out and about helping communities heal after this!

The photos are amazing, right? What an image. If you are ever involved in any kind of disaster and want to help the community hug together and start healing as one, then consider a bit of light-hearted fun like this to bring everyone together again.