Upgrade Your Christmas Party Menu with These Amazing Desserts ⋆

Upgrade Your Christmas Party Menu with These Amazing Desserts

I won’t feel guilty about eating desserts this holiday season because I have a secret. In January, I have created a special workout program to help me keep fit. Wonderful right, I can eat as much as I feel like this Christmas, don’t worry, I am a stickler for moderation.

So, if you are like me and have these plans, I have found five deserts recipes you will absolutely love to try. These recipes are simple, so you should easily get it right. You can enjoy these desserts by yourself or offer them to guests if you have a holiday party this season. What’s more, learning these recipes means you know how to make five more desserts that everyone loves.

M&Ms Christmas Cookie Bars

Who doesn’t like a cookie bar? These wonderful desserts are made from the normal recipes for your favorite cookies, but you add the chocolate chips with M&Ms. The fun part is using your favorite colors from the M&M pack to make your cookie bars look even better.

Full Recipe at No. 2 Recipe.

Chocolate Tree Brownies

Ever since I discovered them, I always look out for the tree brownies during holiday parties. You can treat your guests to this awesome snack too. They taste great and easy to bake. You can make this dessert by baking your brownies the normal way but cut them up in the shape of Christmas trees, with the triangle shaped top and tree trunk. Add some colored icing to spice up the look.

Full Recipe at One Little Project.

Reindeer Rice Krispies

I love the Reindeer Rice Krispies because they are a perfect match for the season. To make this dessert, you need the rice Krispies, marshmallows, M&M’s –red colors, Popsicle sticks, candy eyeballs, and some dark chocolate. This dessert is one of my top picks for holiday parties.

Full Recipe at Thirty Homemade Days.

Christmas Oreo Pops

After making them you can easily form delightful Christmas themed images with these Oreo pops, this makes them perfect for use as desserts during your holiday party. These desserts are made from sucker sticks, candy melts (red, white and green colors), candy eyes, and the stuffed Oreos. These desserts will have the adults and younger guest hanging around the trays longer than normal.

Full Recipe at It’s Always Autumn.

Christmas Popcorn

You can make Christmas popcorns quickly and easily. They are mostly featured on dessert tables during holiday parties. If you plan to have a movie time out for your guests, this treat is perfect. First get your popcorn, and then pour some melted white chocolate over the popcorns. You can add some M&Ms, candy canes, and melted candies to the mix. Always lovely, you can’t go wrong with this dessert.

Hey, don’t forget to take some pictures too, we will like to see your dessert table, and how the guests loved them. The fun part is you can offer a variety of drinks with these dessert options to suit the age range of your guests.

Full Recipe at Lil’ Luna.

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