Find Out Who Inspired Your Favorite Iconic Songs

The best songs ever made are usually inspired by real-life events (Smoke on the water) or people (Layla). At the end of the day, these songs are rich and emotional and touch us in a way that makes the song immortal.

Read the list of stories about the songs which were written about personal inspirations. Whether it was love or hate. Read about the men and women who inspired these classics.

“Layla” by Dereck and the Dominos (Eric Clapton)

The story behind this hit by Eric Clapton is juicy enough to inspire a soap opera! Eric Clapton fell in love with his best friend’s wife, and this song captured everything he loved and adored about the married woman.

My Best Friend’s Girl

The song didn’t work at first and Pattie Boyd rejected his advances and stayed with her husband George Harrison while Clapton isolated himself in a heroine infused depression.

However, finally he won her over and after her divorce, the two eventually tied the knot! (we should stop here but the truth is the two divorced a few years after, due to Clapton’s unfaithful ways and drinking problems).

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