This Is How One Amazing Teacher Inspired Social Media to Help His Class in Africa ⋆

This Is How One Amazing Teacher Inspired Social Media to Help His Class in Africa

Many third world countries do not have proper equipment and technology in schools to teach students. For example, a teacher from Ghana taught students Microsoft Word on a blackboard, without using a computer, in a Junior High School in the southern Ghana town of Sekyedumase. This news made headlines and gained much popularity.

After the picture of his blackboard teachings went wild, the teacher, Richard Appiah Akoto, started receiving donations from various people and organizations. Microsoft offered him free training. Akoto went to Singapore to attend the annual Microsoft Educators Exchange. He met Anthony Salcito, who is the vice president of worldwide education for Microsoft.

The visit was beneficial for him as he was given access to the Microsoft Certified Educator Program (MCE) for professional development.

The initial post that made him “famous” was on Facebook. The post caught the attention of many and one of them was a PHD student and a Saudi benefactor at the University of Leeds in the UK. He sent Akoto a Laptop as as a small gift to his students.”

Akoto thanked the amazing Saudi man in a Facebook post. “The staff and students of Betenase M/A JHS wishes to say a very big thank you to AMIRAH ALHARTHI, the university of Leeds for donating a laptop to the school to enhance the teaching and learning of ICT.

Akoto sympathizes with the world poverty as he puts in into the word, Also, I am thinking of how much genius people the world has already lost because these people did not have the fair opportunities comparing to others and that makes me very sad.”

The school he has been teaching in has not had a computer since 2011. The students were studying computer studies without it enough through they had to pass the computer exam in order to gain admission to high school.

Furthermore, the school was donated 5 more desktop computers, 1 personal laptop for Akoto and books for the school by NIIT Ghana, a computer training school based in Accra.

Ashish Kumar who is NIIT’s center manager explained: “We were so touched by the teacher’s dedication for his students that we decided to support the school with the best we can do. We took (a) printout of the news, pasted on our notice board and shared it with our CEO, Kapil Gupta.”  Company officials paid a visit to the city of Akoto and the school he teaches in, to hand over the donations.

It didn’t take long for Akoto to write another Facebook post “God bless you all”.


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