Snowstorm Crashed Wedding, Maks Epic Photos ⋆

Snowstorm Crashed Wedding, Maks Epic Photos

Sean and Brittany devoted almost one year to the planning of their wedding. They made a reservation for Saturday, Sept 28 in their set location, which was the mountaintop in Spokane, with hopes for a clear sky and perfect fall weather condition with beautiful leaves to provide the perfect backdrop for their pictures.

However, the opposite happened, as the couple had no option but to strike their poses at extremely cold temperatures because it snowed that day.

Reports from the National Weather Service confirms that this was the first time Spokane experienced snow on Sept. 28. Additionally, the temperature (45 degrees F) which they experienced that day set a new record as the lowest to be experienced on that date; the previous one was 48 degrees over 130 years ago in 1881.

As the set date drew closer, Jaime Denise, the wedding photographer was in awe as she witnessed the forecast switch up before her own eyes. She told AccuWeather, “Originally I had hoped to take them to the top of the mountain and have the entire views of forest and fall behind them, but quickly we realized that was not going to happen!”

In as much as Fletcher was expecting bad weather, she obviously didn’t think it would be the worst snowstorm in September. And to think that this snowstorm would set a new record for that date was totally out of the picture.

According to her, the change in temperature was very swift as they approached the mountain road. She also explained her fear as she saw the troubled look that covered the faces of the bride and groom.

Fletcher reiterated the importance of weather forecasts in photoshoots. And considering she would rather shoot all-natural light than in the studio, accurate weather forecast is critical. She added, “this one was actually pretty close to accurate and I was able to take winter clothing with me just in case and I absolutely ended up needing it.”

Besides her winter clothing, she came with beautiful, clear umbrellas which were some help. Finally, the snowstorm and the turn of events resulted in a beautiful all-white landscape, the best backdrop anyone would ask for.

Super Cool Wedding!

The pictures were not only epic and trendy, but they also come with a lot of memories for them and their future kids. Fletcher told CNN that this was the fastest shoot she had ever done.

“It was the fastest I’ve ever taken them,” she said. “It transitioned so fast into a blizzard.”

Normally, Fletcher takes up to 300 pictures in one hour. This shoot was very different. She shot over 100 pictures in just 10 minutes, after which they moved indoors for the party. Fortunately, the couple accepted their fate and smiled regardless of the situation.

Indeed, they weathered the storm, and they couldn’t stop laughing. Brittany wasn’t so happy that the rest of the events had to be done indoors, but she accepted the situation for what it was.

Fletcher urged other couples with unpleasant weather conditions to accept the situation and try to make the best of it because it is beyond their control. She admonished couples to enjoy their time, and that things will all work out as they are meant to.