Small Things You Can Do on Sunday to Have More Time During the Upcoming Week

After a hard-working week, all of us are waiting for the lazy Sunday to sit around reading books and watching TV. But, if you organized your time a bit differently on the weekends, maybe your workdays wouldn’t have to be so exhausting. Try some of these tips to reduce stress and slow down the busy mornings of your upcoming week.

Write down your plans

You have a business meeting on Monday morning, a doctor’s appointment on Wednesday, but you shouldn’t forget that you have dinner plans with your partner on Friday night and it’s your friend’s birthday on Saturday…who’s gonna remember all of that? When you have too many things on your mind, you can’t fully relax or be as efficient as you would be without all that stress. That’s why writing things down helps you – you will not have to repeat all your obligations in your head anymore and you will be under less stress. Writing your plans down also makes them seem less abstract, which could really help you plan your time better.

Go shopping for groceries

Use the time you have during Sunday to go to the supermarket and get all the groceries you are going to need during the week to save time you would otherwise need to run to the shop and get all the ingredients you need to make lunch. Buying groceries in advance will save you a lot of time during the busy mornings, especially if you are used to going to the local store every morning to get everything you need.

Have a beauty night

Make yourself a nice warm bubble bath, put your face mask on, play some relaxing music and just rest fro a couple of hours. You might be wondering how exactly is relaxing in a bathtub going to help you save time during the week, but it’s actually pretty simple – you will be well-rested and full of energy on Monday morning, so you will manage everyday tasks way more easily and quickly. Also, you will be able to sleep a bit longer on a Monday morning, since you won’t have to wake up early to wash your hair, shave, or whatever gets your morning beauty routine busy.

Set time limits for your tasks

If you have a lot of work to do during the week, determine time limits for yourself to finish them. Deciding that you have to finish a report until you go to bed on Thursday night, rather than determining that you will be writing it, for example, from 5 pm to 9 pm on the same day gives you flexibility to rearrange your chores and obligations according to your plans on that day, while still keeping you organised enough to finish the task in time.

Get lots of sleep

Similar to having a beauty night, getting plenty of sleep on the night between Sunday and Monday keeps your energy level high enough for you to run your weekly errands in less time, saving you time during the week. Of course, try to get as much sleep as possible during the whole week, since you do everything much more slowly if you are tired and sleepy.