Small Apartment? You Need These Space-Saving Plants ⋆

Small Apartment? You Need These Space-Saving Plants

As one of the most important ways to make your own home feel truly yours, plants are so important to making your home feel personalized. Like many people, though, you might find it hard to grow plants in an apartment – if you do not have the space, then you might not think about trying it.

With these space saving solutions, though, you can add a touch of natural charm to your house without having to go too far and take up too much room.

Spider Plants

Don’t worry, they don’t like grow arachnids or anything. That would be positively horrifying. These work well in an apartment as they are quite resistant to, well, everything. They are very cool looking, too, and should work well on tabletops or even on the floor.

It’s a fine choice when you want something a bit more ambitious and daring than standard floral arrangements.

Aloe Vera

This is a fine choice to grow in any apartment, as aloe vera is one of the most resilient kinds of plant out there. They make a must-use choice when you want to bring the room to life, as they add the right kind of energy and charisma to the room as well as making sure you always have some hair conditioner on tap, or a little bit of anti-burn remedy.

English Ivy

A classic choice for any kind of apartment would be classic English ivy. It looks good, and it adds a really rich layer of volume to the room. They look good and can be dangled off anything from a shelf to around the bottom of a chair. Whatever you wish to use English ivy for, its versatile and easy to survive status will make this an almost must-have choice for you.


These are fine plants to grow in a house with little space. You will be able to add some awesome greenery to the room by using them. They are quite flexible and resistant, meaning that they can thrive in just about any location that you can think.

If you want to add some natural charm to the room, succulents will often be a wise addition.


Both Boston Ferns and Staghorn Ferns make sturdy, stylish and easy to survive plants to use in just about any room that you choose. They often make a fine choice of plant to use simply because they can add to the richness of the room. Boston ferns do well in humid rooms, while staghorn ferns make a fine choice for using in rooms that might be used as a way to clean the air, making them very useful for smoking rooms and similar.

Whatever the decision you make, this should make it a bit easier for you to add that extra charm and credibility to the rooms of your apartment. You have no reason to put up with a lack of versatility or minimal representation of nature: this puts an end to that problem more or less immediately. So, what will you decorate your flat with?

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