These Simple Shoe Hacks Could Save You Plenty of Money!

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Life is, unfortunately, fuelled by money. Money makes the world go round, and if we don’t have any money then we lack power. It’s a sad state of affairs that our very lives and quality of life is determined entirely by plastic cards and green paper, but that’s the world we live in.

One thing we all spend a lot of money on – too much money on – is shoes. With these simple shoe hacks, we’ll make sure that you get more life out of every pair of shoes by keeping them in tremendous condition for a whole lot longer than you probably anticipated!


Toothpaste on the Shoes

Are you thinking of throwing out a pair of beloved shoes as they look old and tatty? Don’t!

Instead, go to the bathroom and grab a tube of toothpaste. Come down and put some of the toothpaste onto the dirtiest part of the shoes. Now, give it a good scrub and a clean and let it sit for a bit. Rub off the residue and you should be left with a pair of shoes that look much cleaner and brighter again in an instant!

It’s a very useful trick, and one that you should find makes a huge difference to the lifespan of a pair of shoes.

Candle Shoes

Another odd hack is to get a candle and rub the candle wax all over your shoes. This works very well with canvas shoes, not so much with other styles. Rub the wax into your shoes and keep doing that until they have that white, shiny look.

Now, get a hair dryer and dry down your shoes until you see that wax beginning to fade away. This will clean your shoes but, more importantly, it makes those canvas shoes become a touch more waterproof than they were before, adding life to every pair that you put on even when wearing them on a wet day!

Enlarging Shoe Sizes

Do your shoes not fit you well? Then you should do yourself a favour. Get a pair of sandwich bags, and fill them about half-full with water. Then, put the sandwich bags into the shoe (making sure they are sealed and not ready to burst when pushed in) and then freeze the shoes overnight.

This forces the shoes to swell to meet the frozen ‘foot’ that’s within, and it means when you put them on the next day they should slip on much easier than before. Simple, right?

Just remember that your shoes will be pretty bloody cold when you put them on in the morning!

Stinky Shoes

Another easy way to help make your shoes a whole lot easier to deal with is to handle the smell. If someone creates a nose-related emergency when they take their shoes off after a long day, do this.

Get a teabag, and fill it with dried rose, dried lavender and leave them in the shoes overnight if you do this, you can quickly see a total difference to the way that your shoes smell. Now you don’t need to run for the exit when that person comes home!

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