Signs That Your Guy is Nesting ⋆

Signs That Your Guy is Nesting

It should be no surprise that men and women handle pregnancy and the arrival of a child differently. A woman is faced with a different kind of reality than a man. For a man, it’s at times the entire process seems a bit cartoonish.

He watches his significant other grow as the baby begins to develop. It’s easy for a man to think in the early stages that all of this is one big misunderstanding. How can she be pregnant? The doubt turns into anxiety when the woman he loves starts to show signs that any day she could be giving birth.

Nesting is the act of preparing your home and life for the arrival of a baby. A woman thinks more logically in the sense that she gets ready, such as the clothes and the things that the baby will need.

The mother’s concerns seem to be closely tied to the immediate needs of the child. The father, on the other hand, he seems to be more concerned about the world around him. Here we’re going to give you some tips so that you know if the father of your child is nesting.

He trades in his sporty car for something more family oriented

Your guy loved his fast car that ate up the gasoline. There wasn’t much space in the car, but that wasn’t much of a concern for either of you. The only time you sat in the car was when you were brave enough to take a white knuckle trip filled with speeding and plenty of pedal to the metal starts and stops.

You can’t believe that he’s finally traded that death trap in for something more feasible for a father to drive. Now he has a car that’s roomy and safe. The reason he’s doing that is that he wants to provide proper transportation for his child.

You can’t make him a good driver, but at least now you don’t have to worry about the airbags not working.

Little changes around the house show he plans on being home more often

Did he upgrade his TV or sound system in his man cave? Maybe he bought one of those small refrigerators for the basement to keep his beer cold in it. There are many signs that a guy is planning to stay at home more and spend less time out with friends.

He’s trying to make his home more enjoyable to be in. It’s a good thing as it shows that he knows that his days of eating wings and drinking beer at the sports bar a thing of the past. It won’t be long until he’s watching the big game at home on his new TV.

The projects at home are centered around being kid-friendly

Does he talk about the upgrades he wants to make when your child gets a little older? Has he made any upgrades recently that was intended to improve the life of the baby? A guy will look through his home to see if any hazards can hurt a baby.

Don’t be surprised if he begins to obsess over the smallest of things. It’ll get even worse when you’re about to give birth. You may have to tell him to forget about trying to cover every electrical outlet before you give birth. It’s going to be a while until the baby is old enough to fool around with the electric outlets.

The pressures a man feel are real

It’s easy to think that a man doesn’t feel stressed out since he’s not the one who’s carrying the child. No one is saying that the pregnant woman doesn’t have it much more difficult. But, it’s also important to understand that the man in the relationship also feels stress.

Nesting is one of the ways that men cope with stress. Sure, they’re actually doing things that are intended on improving the lives of the mother and child. But, sometimes the motivation for their actions is to get rid of the stress that’s been building up.

Pregnancy is filled with plenty of ups and downs. If it’s your first child, then the entire process can be quite scary and confusing. A man has spent his whole life not knowing about things such as hormones or the other factors of pregnancy. The stress can hit a feverish pitch right before birth.

A natural reaction to that stress is to stay busy, so he doesn’t think about it. A large part of his desire to nest is that in itself. It’s not a bad thing, as we all deal with uncertainty in different ways.

The healthiest way of dealing with it is by staying busy and preparing himself for the challenges ahead. He’s also starting to take his life seriously and fully understands that the incoming baby is going to change things in ways that will make his life very different than what it was before.