Should Your Child Sleep With a Pacifier? ⋆

Should Your Child Sleep With a Pacifier?

For many parents, helping a young child to grow up and to become more mature is the long-term aim. You want to help your little baby progress into a toddler, from a toddler into a child, from a child into a teenager and so on.

However, one thing that often becomes a debating point for parents is the use of a pacifier. Some parents swear by them, while others swear never to give their child a pacifier ever again. So, what is the right answer?

It probably comes down to the individual child, in truth. To have a clear answer would be quite at this moment in time. However, one thing is clear: a child loves to have that comfort blanket.

Many children don’t get a pacifier because their parents wish to breastfeed, and some doctors recommend that you avoid using pacifiers if you wish to go down the breastfeeding route. The aim is to try and keep it out of their life until they are a couple of months old.

However, if you see your child using their thumb as an alternative, it probably means that they would actually quite like to have one very much. It’s great for calming them down, helping them to sleep and reverting them back to a comfortable state of mind that they enjoyed when in the womb.

If your child shows signs of upset, then giving a pacifier might be the perfect way to reduce their uncertainty and discomfort.

If you fear about using a pacifier due to it being a ‘cheat’, try it out next time your little one is screaming the place down. Often, having something to concentrate on will be enough to give them something to put them to sleep and to remove any sense of discomfort that they feel.

Yes, it will mean that you might need to start worrying about the day when you try to take them off using a little pacifier. Until that day comes, though, you should be doing everything that you can to help your little one to rest, relax and settle down as best you can.

If you wish to do that properly, then you can use a pacifier. Buy as many dummies as you can, and leave them lying around (in clean, safe and easy to access locations). Now, if your little one cannot rest, they can have a ready-made solution sitting right next to them in their little cot.

Being able to avoid having to get up to get them a new pacifier during the night can be a godsend. It helps you to get the rest you need and means the little one can rest and relax with total comfort and confidence. If that sounds like a problem bigger than weaning them off the use of a pacifier, then be sure to give it a try later on down the line!