Let Your Baby Fall Asleep on You ⋆

Let Your Baby Fall Asleep on You

For any new parent, or parent who has had another young baby, knowing how to care for them can be tough. For example, one common contention that many ‘experts’ tell us is that letting your baby fall asleep in your arms is not good for them.

Apparently, it’s not good for the baby or for you – but this is actually a bit of a fallacy. There are numerous reasons why you should let your little one rest in your arms; especially if they are just up from a long crying or feeding session. Why, then, is letting them rest in your arms nowhere near the danger that some make it out to be?

Show the warmth, feel the love

The first and most obvious reason is that your child will feel the love from you. If you keep putting them alone into a bed, they will feel nervous and alone. You should, therefore, keep them in your arms as it gives them that extra sense of comfort.

Someone is there to care for them to and to keep them safe: it’s hard to overstate just how important that is for a young one’s emotional health.

You will also find that they get to enjoy a greater quality of sleep if you are there. Often, they have just gone through a long period of crying, feeding, stressing or moving around. They will be tired physically and mentally: it’s like us doing a 10-hour shift at work for a baby. So, when they have you there to help them get to sleep, they will generally sleep easier and without anything like the same stress.

Waking them back up

At the same time, leaving them in your arms is advised as babies often wake up as soon as you move them. So, they will start to feel frustrated by the movement, and won’t like feeling like they are being put away.

This is why you should keep them in your arms: they are more likely to actually sleep if you manage to keep them here and just them sleep for the time they need.

You do though need to ensure that you are 100% alert and awake when holding the little one. Falling asleep whilst holding our baby obviously has some worrisome consequences. Falling on them or even dropping them is an increased risk – so make sure you awake enough!

You should just remember that babies enjoy being held, loved, and supported. If grandparents or siblings can step in to help out, then you should let them. However, you will have to come to terms with the fact that, one day, you will need to get them used to sleeping in their own bed. It can be tough, but you will need to do it at one stage.

Just don’t do it too soon, or feel like you need to get your baby off of your chest/arms. They enjoy it, they love, and they appreciate the positive feeling. Until the time comes to get them into their own bed consistently, then, enjoy this peaceful time and the serenity that comes with it.